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Neil Wyatt / SkyandTelescope.com Photo Gallery



Location of Photo:

Branston, Staffordshire 52.78N -1.68W

Date/Time of photo:

1:15 am on 31 July 2015, about 10 hours before full


Skywatcher 150PL (six-inch newtonian reflector), NEQ3 mount, EQ5 tripod, Canon Eos 10D, own RA drive, unguided. 21 frames pre-processed in PIPP, stacked with Autostakkert!2 and processed with Corel Paint and Astra Image.


A blue moon is the second full moon in a month. This one was accompanied by exceptionally clear skies and great seeing so there is an amazing amount of detail visible for such a full moon. Libration has brought some rarely observed features into view at top right, beyond Grimaldi, where the disappearing terminator puts them in good relief. There is also great detail in the rays around Tycho and Copernicus. Thirty years ago pictures like thiseneeded an obnservatory, with digital stacking and processing, they are in reach of any amateur astronomer.




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