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Location of Photo:

North Java, NY 14113

Date/Time of photo:

2/1/2023 9:00 PM


Tele Vue NP-101is, ZWO ASI2600MC Pro, & Astro-Physics AP1200 mount.


Didn't think I was going to catch this one due to the poor weather (seemingly non-stop clouds night after night). This comet won't be back for another 50,000 years, so missing out on it would have been disappointing. The forecast indicated there would be a brief window of clear skies Wednesday night, so I headed out to our club's (Buffalo Astronomical Association) observatory. The forecast was accurate. We had a window of about an hour and a half to view and image the comet. This was the first opportunity for me to try out my new Dedicated Astronomy Camera (First Light) and it did not disappoint. Ernie Jacobs Buffalo Astronomical Association