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Location of Photo:

Ardakan Deserts Of Yazd, Iran

Date/Time of photo:

Saturday, September 4, 2021


NikonD750, SIGMA14mmArt


More than two thousand years ago, throughout the Middle East, along the route of commercial caravans, buildings were erected for inns or even, when necessary, a stronghold against enemy attacks. This building was called an inn. Most caravans and travelers stopped at caravanserais for the night. The caravanserais along the long Silk Road, like a beacon in the heart of the deserts of the Middle East, have guided trade caravans from ancient times to early modern times. More than four hundred years ago, Abbas the Great built another 999 caravanserais throughout the Kingdom of Iran to revive the Silk Road. And a new era of architecture and art emerged in the caravanserais. Galeh-ye Khargushi Caravanserai is one of them in the Ardakan deserts of Yazd. In the image above, you see the summer milky way on the right. At the bottom of the constellation of Scorpio, it seems that it is moving on the mountains around the caravanserai, and behind it, the constellation of Sagittarius is following him. The brightest object on the left is the image of Jupiter and in front of it is Saturn. On the opposite horizon, you can see the light pollution of Ardakan city along with the dust pollution of the region. Exif: Panorama 4xShot 30 Sec exposure Iso 3200 F/2.5 NikonD750 SIGMA14mmArt Edit in Photoshop & PtguiPro Saturday, September 4, 2021 Ardakan Deserts Of Yazd . . . My Name Is Ali Abbasi I live in Isfahan, Iran My Phone: (+98) - 09132048699 My Instagram ID: Aliabbasipov