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Canon Lau

Location of Photo:

Hong Kong

Date/Time of photo:

2023.07.24 00:59UT 2023.07.25 00:55UT 2023.07.27 01:10UT


Losmandy G11 Celestron C14 Televue 2.5X powermate ZWO ASI290MM Baader solar filter (OD3.8) Seven brand R filter


This photo shows the changes of the sunspot AR13379 on the 24th, 25th and 27th of July. It can be seen that the sunspot has changed in shape and has a tendency to shrink. All of them were taken with Celestron C14. Baader 3.8 solar filter was used for front dimming and Televue 2.5x powermate for magnification. All videos were shot in R channel only. 1 or 5% of the frames in each clip were chosen out of a 3-4 minutes footage, which contains 15000-20000 frames.