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Location of Photo:

June Lake California, USA

Date/Time of photo:

March 12 2024, Evening


C14 SCT HyperStar Configuration, asi2600mcP


Adding to your archives and may be of interest as the moon holds interference for the next couple of weeks... Here is comet 12P/ using my largest portable scope, 14" Celestron SCT in hyperstar F/2 configuration from the night of March 13UT. Very windy night (AVERAGE windspeed during imaging 35+kts with gusts measured to 49 rooftop sensor) forcing a rejection over 51 of the 108x 30 second subs. Storm had just past granting a clearing for this imaging attempt. Details are somewhat lacking in the comet, using the configured scope even on a beefy mount. You got to take what you can get, when it comes to comet imaging. I'm not dissatisfied with the brightening comet. Observational details: Backyard setup scope: C14 fl729mm D356mm exposure: 57 x 30 sec Seeing: 2/5 Transparency 6/10 Observer: Dan Bartlett Place: June Lake_California USA