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Mike Olason



Location of Photo:

Denver, Colorado

Date/Time of photo:

2 February 2019, 0957-1027UT


11" SCT f/6.4 and STF-8300M CCD Camera


Comet 107P/Wilson-Harrington is also referred to as Asteroid 4015. It was discovered as a comet in 1949 and then not seen again in expected returns in it's orbit. In 1979 Asteroid 1979 VA was discovered and recovered again in 1988 when it was given the name Asteroid 4015. In 1992 Asteroid 4015 and Comet 107P were determined to be the same object. The only time that Comet 107P/(4015) Wilson-Harrington showed any cometary activity was in 1949 and since then it has appeared as a stellar object just like in this gif. 107P was at perihelion in it's 4.26 year orbit back in May 2018 when it was 90 million miles from the Sun. In this gif 107P is 166 million miles from Earth at about magnitude 18.9 . Asteroid 48835 is also in this gif moving along with 107P.


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