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Pepe Chambó

Location of Photo:

Valencia, Spain

Date/Time of photo:

2024 April 1, 20:09 UT


TS-Photon 8" N f/3.6, Atik 383L+


This is the first color image I obtained of comet 13P/Olbers on April 1, 2024. Located at 2.3 AU from Earth in the constellation Taurus and with a brightness at magnitude 10.4, it was descending from 20° to 15° in altitude above the horizon during the sequence of shots. Nonetheless, the sky was quite clear in that direction, and I was able to capture its greenish coma well, with a size of 5 arcminutes and a sharp central condensation. Additionally, it is possible to discern (especially in the monochrome version) the presence of a short tail about 6 arcminutes in length extending eastward (to the left).