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Mike Olason

Location of Photo:

Denver Colorado

Date/Time of photo:

9 April 2017, 1059UT


11" SC Telescope and STF-8300M CCD Camera, 1" Refractor Finderscope and ST-402ME CCD Camera


Comet 41P is 1/4 degree from the background spiral galaxy NGC 6015. The comet is about magnitude 7 and the galaxy is magnitude 11.7. The color image is 1 degree by 1 degree with the stars showing as short red, multi color and blue streaks even in this short 6 minutes of RGB images due to the comet moving almost 2 degrees per day across our skies. The only way to take images longer than a few minutes of comets moving this fast and not show star movement is to remove the comet from the streaked star field of the original image and insert the comet back into a static star field using photographic artistry. Makes for a nice image but does not reflect reality.


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