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Lionel Majzik

Location of Photo:

Tapiobicske, pest Hungary

Date/Time of photo:



Sky-Watcher Esprit 80/400 mm apochromatic refractor


The comet featured one of the most beautiful conjunction of its celestial path on January 26 and 27, 2020, with the famous Double Cluster in the constellation Perseus (NGC 869, NGC 884). The winter cloudy season caught me, so I was only able to capture the comet a week later. Unfortunately, it was further away from the clusters but It was acceptable for my plan. I started shooting on the 1st of February in the evening, but despite the excellent transparency, there were a lot of hindrances. In addition to the light pollution of the Moon, which was almost 50% illuminated and 48 degrees away from the comet, I also had to contend with a stormy wind. Even though the small and relatively stable system, unfortunately, it often disrupted the guiding, so with an improvised windshield system and using myself as a windshield, I tried to dampen the gusts - fortunately successfully.




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