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Location of Photo:

June Lake California

Date/Time of photo:

Evening Twilight March 30, 2024


Celestron 14SCT HyperSttar, asi 2600mcP, GM2000HPS


As us northerners lose comet 12P/ Pons-Brooks from our skies for a lifetime I had a lucky break in between snowstorms (actually quite unexpected...a chance clearing in the skies at the right time). This was Saturday night. I managed to capture 25 x 30 seconds, or 12.5 minutes, of comet 12P with a 14" Celestron SCT in hyperstar configuration, from my back porch. Forget the the hernia for mounting this beast of a scope, I think you will like the final results of this close-in view. The twists and tangles of gases and jets emanating everywhere are just plain beautiful! The bright star above the comet is 2nd magnitude Alpha Arietis, or Hamal a mere 66 light years from us (Can you guess the spectral class of Hamal by its color?)