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Bill Graham



Location of Photo:

Lower Bucks Co., PA, USA

Date/Time of photo:

Nov. 12, 2007 0118 UT


HP Photosmart C945 digital camera, 16 sec exposure, f/2.8, e.f.l. 300 mm, ASA 100, guided piggy-back on Celestron 8 SCT. Several test exposures were taken on digital camera to fine-tune focus at effective focal length of 300 mm (maximum 8x optical zoom on HP 945).


Comet Holmes at 8:18 PM EST Nov. 11, 2007, shortly before complete cloud cover moved in. North is toward the bottom, with Mirphak (alpha) in Perseus to the upper left of the comet, and delta to the upper right. The tail can be clearly seen pointing toward the line connecting alpha and delta in Perseus. The image was brightened to show more of the comet detail, and color corrected. The original is a >3Mb file showing numerous fainter stars than can be seen in this reduced and compressed photo.


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