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Location of Photo:

Young, NSW, Australia

Date/Time of photo:

28th December; 11:20-11:40 UT


Pentax K1, Rokinon 135mm ED f2


I live ~30km from the small rural town of Young in Central West New South Wales. I am fortunate that my backyard has a sky on the border between Bortle 1/2. Unfortunately, this comet is low and catches a bit of the skyglow from the town but still not bad. I've had a dream run of 11 clear nights out of the past 13 nights since Leonard first appeared in southern skies. On this night, I used my 135mm f2 lens and full frame DSLR. ISO 800 and 12 exposures of 90s. The field of view in the frame is 10 x 15 degrees and the comet is displaying about 12 degrees of tail. I rendered in monochrome as a homage to pictures from my early days in astronomy 45 years ago seeing B&W pictures of great comets like Ikeya-Seki, Bennett, and West in books and publications like S&T.