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Chicago Astronomer Joe

Location of Photo:

Chicago's Lakefront

Date/Time of photo:

10 November 2013 - 0400 Hrs


C11 SCT CG-5 and remote Ipad Mini + Skyfi Canon Powershot S3


Fellow Astronomers..... The Chicago Astronomer crew had the opportunity to observe and image two comets in our early morning skies recently. Both comets ISON and Lovejoy were documented and imaged by myself and C.A. members on a cold and gusty session. Comets Linear & Encke were not visible to us at this time, but we tried. Details and full pics here: http://astronomer.proboards.com/index.cgi?action=display&board=Observations&thread=4537&page=1 ISON, the "Dud of the Century" would put Kohutek to shame, but the winner here is Comet Lovejoy...which is riding high and at magnitude +6, a decent photographic target....and no body talking about. Superior to ISON for now, but still not a naked-eye object. Visible in my 15x70 binoculars, a nice fuzz patch was enjoyed in the C11...no tail. No plans are made at this time for public viewings of these visitors, but let's see how these comets fair after perihelion and on their way back out. We can do a public session or two. They may flare up...or do nothing. Stay tuned. Astro Joe




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