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Location of Photo:

Julian, CA

Date/Time of photo:

March 15-18, 2022


Planewave CDK24 and L600


With the Julian skies still a bit unsteady with variable clouds, I decided to swap the FLI PL16803 CCD with the ASI6200MM Pro CMOS. The latter allows me to move from 15 minute to 1 minute subs to help find "holes" to the universe. Here I collected 290 1-minute L subs between 1.6" and 2.8". I then kept the best 180 (3 hours) with an average FWHM closer to 2". The 5-minute color subs were all under 3". Although I was hoping to get 6+ hours of sub 2" L for this distant object, I was pleasantly surprised with the deconvolved results. (-: "Copeland’s Septet is a group of interacting galaxies located in the constellation Leo.The group was named after British astronomer Ralph Copeland, who discovered it in April 1874. It lies at an approximate distance of 400 million light years from Earth."