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Location of Photo:

Ferrara (Italy)

Date/Time of photo:

01/08/2023 00:00


Sky-Watcher Evostar ED80 @480mm (f/6.0), Qhy168c @-5 °C, Sky-Watcher Eq6r Pro mount, Optolong L_Ultimate, SvBony UV/IR-cut filter


This is an image of the Question Mark Nebula or Cosmis Question Mark in the constellation Cepheus, a mosaic of 3 vertical panels resulting from 32 hours of exposure. This is the so-called Question Mark Nebula or Cosmic Question Mark, a vast emission zone that includes various nebulae. At its center is NGC 7822 which I have already imaged this year with the Konus 200/1000, a young star-forming region characterized by massive pillars of gas and dust which is about 2900 light-years away. This region has one of the hottest nearby stars known with a surface temperature of 45000 K and a luminosity about 100000 times that of our Sun. Below is Sh2-170 (the dot of the question mark), a small nebula also known as Little Rosetta due to its resemblance to the well-known Rosetta in the constellation Unicorn, 7500 light-years away. Sky-Watcher Evostar ED80 @480mm, f/6.0 Qhy168c @-5 °C Sky-Watcher Eq6r Pro mount Optolong L_Ultimate filter 3x(60x600") SvBony UV/IR-cut filter 3x(40x60") N.I.N.A., DSS, APP, PixInsight, PS Ferrara (Italy)