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01.10.2023 00:00


Scopes: Konus 200/1000 @960mm, Sky-Watcher Evostar ED80 @480mm, Askar FRA600 @600mm and SvBony SV503 102/714 @570mm; Cameras: Qhy168c, Qhy294c and Qhy268m; Mounts: Sky-Watcher Eq6r Pro (x2) and AzEq6r; Filters and shoots: Optolong L_Ultimate 57x600" e 113x300", Optolong L_eXtreme 69x600", Optolong H-alpha 3nm 64x600", Optolong OIII 3nm 83x600" and SvBony UV/IR-cut 104x30"


I have lost count of how many times I have photographed and, above all, processed this nebula but here I wanted to do something different than usual. In fact, in this case, I put together all my shoots from 2023 (taken with 2 different telescopes) with those of my "astrodelirious" friends Alessandro and Lino in order to reach sufficient depth to go as much as possible into this "stellar nursery". The subject is the nebular complex NGC 7822, also known as the Devil's Head Nebula, for which we have accumulated almost 60 hours of total exposure.