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Frank Ryan Jr

Location of Photo:

Dougmore Beach, Co. Clare, Ireland

Date/Time of photo:

Between 9pm & 1am March 3rd 2007


Canon 350D & 55mm lense.


I made the decision to head to the west Clare coast for the eclipse late yesterday. Am I glad I did! The weather there was perfect and the skies? As for light pollution..well... lets just say I'm moving there for good as soon as I can afford it! The shot is actually with my back to the ocean (obviously enough as the moon was rising in the East) The ruin of the cottage is right on the cliff and the water on the ground is off the spray from the waves. I took a bunch of foreground shots first with the Moon overexposing. (turned out to be a nice effect, like a light on the post.) then just clicked away every 10 or 15 min. Just before midway through very high misty clouds rolled in and you can see some of the moons in the shot are blurred. Oh-well, those are the breaks... Overall, I must say, I know some people don't think a Lunar Eclipse is anything that special. But I have to wholeheartedly disagree... So.. When is the next one?!


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