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Victor C. Rogus



Location of Photo:

Jadwin, MO

Date/Time of photo:

08/20/2013 @ 20:45:03 CDT


5 inch apochromatic refractor, Losmandy GEM Cannon 60Da astro Camera, atomic clock


This evening I battled hordes of mosquitoes to capture a s perfectly timed "Blue Moon" as I possibly could. I used an atomic clock to be as precise as possible in this endeavor. My exposure was of 1/200 second through a 5 inch apochromatic refractor, at f 9, my ISO setting was of 320. A Losmandy G-8 mount was used. The Moon rose right on time according to the US Naval Observatory and was well placed for photography at the moment of the "Full Phase", that would be 20:45:00, my image was made three seconds later. A beautiful, romantic sight, despite the invading hordes of insects, but I caught a nice image and now my hands are feeling much better as the "AFTA-BITE" product takes effect!


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