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Paolo Palma

Location of Photo:

Naples - Italy

Date/Time of photo:

April and November 2022


Dobson 18" - Huawei p30 pro


Mosaic of the COLORS of the brightest stars visible from Italian latitute. I took them deliberately TAPPING the telescope, because, as the italian poet Filippo Zamboni said, in this way the colors of the stars seem to come out of nowhere! CAPELLA, POLLUX and ARCTURUS appear really yellowed in front of ANTARES, BETELGEUSE and ALDEBARAN's redness; and PROCION and FOMALHAUT are decidedly white if compared to the bluish shades of VEGA, SPICA and RIGEL! Excluding those IN-visible from Italian latitudes, those taken here, are the top 20 brightest stars in the sky. They can represent all the most common spectral classes in existence too. The photographic parameters are the same for all shots and they have NOT undergone any posthumous processing. Dobson 18" Skywatcher - x95 - smartphone Huawei p30 Pro ISO50 - 2s.