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Daniel Stern

Location of Photo:

Rio Hurtado, Chile

Date/Time of photo:

July and August 2023


CDK-17 / L-500 Moravian C4


This is an emission nebula and superbubble, Henize 70 in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a neighboring galaxy. The most massive stars, ranging from eight to one-hundred times larger than our Sun, are usually found in groups. These very large stars have strong stellar winds and most end their lives as supernovae. Over the lifetime of a star these winds release huge amounts of energy and can form stellar bubbles. When they merge with those from neighboring stars they grow into what is called a superbubble. The bubble is made even larger when the stars eventually die and explode as a supernova. Superbubbles can expand through an entire galaxy, and in fact, our Solar System lies near the center of a superbubble.