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Jeff Reitzel

Location of Photo:

Kanab, UT

Date/Time of photo:

Feb 11-16, 2024


Stellarvue SVX102T, QHY268M, HAE43EC, Astronomik NB filters


This colorful region of nebulosity is located very near our celestial equator some 3600 light years away making it visible from most locations on Earth. Discovered by Welsh amateur astronomer Isaac Roberts, it is a large collection of bright emission nebula, reflection nebula, and dust. It can be found in the sky near Monoceros just beyond the reach of Canis Major. One can easily imagine a large bird behaving a similar way with a dog here on Earth. Possibly how it came to be known to amateur astronomers as The Seagull Nebula. The bright bow shock that is visible just above the dust at right-center of the image is from runaway star FN Canis Majoris. Numerous separately catalogued nebula as well as star clusters are found throughout the large area included in this image.