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Howard H Bower



Location of Photo:

Chandler, AZ

Date/Time of photo:

11/17-11/18, 2010


Imaging Telescope; Takahashi FSQ106ED Guide Scope: Takahashi FS60CB Autoguider: SBIG SG-4 Mounting: AP Mach 1 GTO Camera: QSI583w Astrodon NB 5nm Filters Ha: 4 Hours unbinned OIII & SII : 2 Hours binned 2x2 All sub exposures were 20 minutes


The nebula itself is known as IC 410, and is home to a pair of intriguing structures commonly known as the "tadpoles." These are made of gas and dust left over from the formation of the cluster, and are likely forming new stars within them. It is found in the Constellation Auriga 12000 light years away.


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