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Bill Worley

Location of Photo:

Altoona, PA

Date/Time of photo:

9/9/2012 1:00 am


Target: The Heart Nebula - IC1805 (HA-SII-HA-OIII/SBIG ST-8300M) Imaging Scope: Astro-Tech 8" Imaging Newtonian w/Baader Coma Corrector @ prime focus Mount: Orion Atlas EQ-G (EQMOD) Imager: SBIG ST-8300M @ -10C below ambient w/Hutech IDAS filter Guiding: 2 second guide exposures using a SSAG through a Stellarvue SV66ED Software: acquisition - MaxIm DL 5, processing - CCDSoft 5, AstroArt & Adobe Photoshop Exposure Information: 18 x 10 minutes binned at 1x1 using a Baader 7nm Ha filter. 14 x 10 minutes binned at 1x1 for OIII, 14 x 10 minutes binned at 1x1 for SII. 7 Hours 40 minutes total exposure time. Mapped Red = SII, Green = Ha, Blue = OIII. Luminance = Ha. All exposures were dithered. Darks and Flats applied. Comments: Ha shot on 9/8/2012. SII and OIII shot on 9/9/2012.


The Heart Nebula's (IC1805) core in narrowband. SII/HA/OIII.




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