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David Lerner



Location of Photo:

Near Vincentown, NJ

Date/Time of photo:

2:50 EDT 07-08-07


Meade Lx90GPS 8 SCT, IR Filter, Orion Solar Filter, Spc900NC webcam


Calsky.com gave the time, centeline path, and path across the sun for the 7-8-07 ISS Solar Transit. The predicted path across the disk indicated that the ISS should pass close to the sunspot. I got everything framed, focused, waited for the right time. At transit, I saw a flash across the screen. I opened up the AVI, scanned across the frames and was THRILLED to see I had at leaset one frame that captured both the ISS and Sunspot 963. Imagine my delight to later discover I cpatured 3 frames of the ISS passing


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