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Roberto Ortu

Location of Photo:

Cabras, Sardinia, Italy

Date/Time of photo:

2023-12-15 19:31 UTC


Celestron Firstscope 114/910


This is the planet Jupiter of 15 December 2023 with the satellites Europa, Ganymede and Io visible on the left. During an evening with high turbulence I took advantage of the few moments of calm to make some shots. The image however looks good quality and some details about the bands and the large red spot are visible. Technical data: Celestron Firstscope 114/910 Newton Mount Eq2 Sky-Watcher Planetary camera QHY5L-II-C Barlow lens 2,5X Tecnosky UV IR cut filter Software: Sharpcap 4, PIPP, AS!4, Registax 6, Astrosurface V1