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Jim Tomney

Location of Photo:

Towson, MD

Date/Time of photo:

Sept 5, 01:57 UT


25cm Newtonian, AS178 camera


An image of Jupiter from last evening under subpar seeing (4/10) and high thin clouds yielding a transparency of 3/6. Io is about ready to slide off the disk with its jet black shadow trailing in the equatorial zone. A couple of barges visible in NEBn and NN-LRS-1 can be seen ready to set on the preceding limb. I believe that is A8 seen in the SSTB. Processing Info: 7100 frames shot over 2 minutes at 58 fps, processed in PIPP to best 3000 frames, stacked in Autostakkert!3 taking top 40% (~1250 frames). Wavelet processing using Registax6, enhancement using Photoshop.