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Bijan Moravej alahkami

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Body: Canon EOS 6D Modded Lens: Sigma 20 mm f :1/4 @3.5   Exposure Time:  65 min RGB =  130*30 sec for total 65min ISO Speed: 400


Title: Long exposure of winter stars over the farrafer gate In this photo the stars of Orion (the Hunter) and Taurus (the Bull) are visible form the trails. This place is Saryazd village, located in Yazd city, Iran. It is said that ancient Yazd (the first clay city and the second historical city of the world registered on UNESCO),  has started from here. In this photo you could see a 1000 year old gate named farrafer, a magnificent symbol of endurance against the invasion of Arabs, Mongols and Turks ... Also you could see the recently installed statue of Arash Kamangir, Epics of Persian. Some parts of this photo have been affected by light pollution. Artificial lights contaminated our environment and sky