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Location of Photo:

Livadi - Chalkidiki

Date/Time of photo:

7 April 2016


OTA : C9.25 XLT f/6.3 reducer Vixen Ed100sf - Mount : Neq6 pro - Camera : Atik 460ex & Atik 460exc - Filters : No - Guiding : Asi 120mc/SkyWatcher 70/500


The Pinwheel Galaxy (also known as Messier 101, M101 or NGC 5457) is a face-on spiral galaxy distanced 21 million light-years (six megaparsecs)[3] away in the constellation Ursa Major, first discovered by Pierre Méchain on March 27, 1781, and communicated to Charles Messier who verified its position for inclusion in the Messier Catalogue as one of its final entries.