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The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Robotic Telescope, processed by Mark Germani

Location of Photo:

Auberry, California, USA, Auberry, CA, United States

Date/Time of photo:

May & July of 2020


RCOS 16" f/9 Carbon Tube Ritchey-Chrétien Telescope, SBIG STX-16803 Camera, Software Bisque Paramount ME GEM Mount


The data for this image was acquired by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada's Robotic Telescope, which was based at Sierra Remote Observatories. The RASC makes this data available for purchase on their website. The challenge, for me, working with this data was how to combine the narrowband. The SII signal was very strong, but I am partial to the HOO version of this target, as it more closely reflects the natural colour visible in broadband images. I didn't want to completely throw out the SII data, though, so I tried to find a way that it could add a little dimensionality to the nebula. The RASC Robotic Telescope imaging team collected nearly 30 hours of narrowband data, and 45 minutes of RGB stars in May & July of 2020.