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Rod Pommier

Location of Photo:

Pommier Observatory, Portland, OR, USA

Date/Time of photo:

2020-10-16, 09:22 Mean time of observation


Celestron Compustar C14, TeleVue Powermate 2x, Point Grey Flea3 at 60 fps.


This image shows Syrtis Major central on the disk with the Hellas Basin below it, Tyrhenna Terra and Hesperium to the lower right of it, and Sebaeus Sinus to the left of it and Sinus Meridiani emerging around the left limb. The "Face of Mars" is a visible in the Hellas Basin, an upside triangular-shaped face, apparently a new feature. Terra Cimmeria is disappearing around the western limb. Best 6491 frames from 8 videos, stacked and de-rotated in Winjupos.




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