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A different side of Mars. Here, Mare Cimmerium runs around the right limb, and dark Syrtis Major extends from left of center to the upper left. Between them is dark Mare Tyrrhenum. South here is to the lower right. "Mars with 'the Face,' " writes imager Jim Militello of Tucson, referring to the markings in the bright region of Hellas between Tyrrhenum and the South Polar Cap. Militello took this image on October 9th with a 14.5-inch Starmaster scope and a Skyris video camera.


Jim Militello

Location of Photo:

Tucson Arizona

Date/Time of photo:

Image captured on 10/09/2020


Image taken with a 14.5" Starmaster and a Skyris video camera


The image shows what I believe is called the face of Mars.


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