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Stephen D Pastor



Location of Photo:

Mayhill, New Mexico

Date/Time of photo:

Nov 1, Nov 2, and Nov 3, 2013


Takahashi Epsilon 130D f/3.3 astrograph and a SBIG STF-8300c camera on a Paramount


Messier 45, commonly known as the Pleiades or Seven Sisters, is found in the constellation Taurus. M 45 is surrounded by a dusty reflection nebula, which accounts for its blue coloration. The pinkish red coloration is due to an ionized gas component. The structure in the nebulous regions is created by interstellar magnetic fields. Total integration time was 4 hr 20 min (26 x 10 min lights @ -20 degrees C; 20 darks; 64 flats, 64 bias). Images were graded in Images Plus 5.0; Subs calibrated, registered, integrated, and processed in PixInsight 1.8 Ripley with final levels/curves adjustment in Adobe Photoshop CC.


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