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Fernando Menezes

Location of Photo:

Munhoz - MG - Brazil

Date/Time of photo:



Canon 6D Rokinon 14mm 2.4 Filter TC Astro Duo-Narrowband Filter Single frame 30 " Iso 1600


In this image we have two points to mention: 1) Made with a modified camera (removing the Ir CUt filter and adding a baader filter, increasing the pass band [improving H-alpha capture) 2) A narrow band filter (Dual Narrouband composed of H-alpha and OIII) is used. H-alpha is related to the capture of Hydrogen. Light is created by the hydrogen atom, the main constituent of the universe and the basis of the nuclear fusion that feeds the stars. H-alpha is red in part of the light spectrum and contributes to an overwhelming red color in most nebulae So we have by the two methods mentioned an extreme predominance in the uptake of H-alpha, showing in red in the the milky way.




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