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A. Carrozzi / S&T Online Photo Gallery



Location of Photo:

Lama Lite, Italy

Date/Time of photo:

August 23rd 2022


Canon EOS 6D with Samyang 14mm f/2.8 11x25s f/3.5 6400 ISO untracked


The Milky Way from Lama Lite Pass, in the Apennines near Reggio Emilia, emerges from Monte Cipolla, the northern peak of Monte Prado. Lama Lite, sandwiched between 2 groups of mountains exceeding 2000m above sea level (Cusna to nord and Prado to the south) and with the sparsely inhabited Dolo and Ozola valleys to the east and west, respectively, is able to offer a very dark sky (for those who like measures the sqm is 21.3 mag/arcsec), although light pollution from Tuscany, Liguria and, of course, the Po Valley is unfortunately clearly visible