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Scott Britt

Location of Photo:

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

Date/Time of photo:

6/24/2021 / 02:02:07 EDT


Nikon D7500, Rokinon 10mm lens


View facing south from Empire Bluffs on Lake Michigan, just west of Treat Farm. Some light from Frankfort and Benzonia are visible at the horizon about 15 miles away. My plan was to catch the sheen of the Milky Way reflected on the bay; however the lake surface conditions were not optimal and the clouds near the horizon added a nice splash of color. This photo is a composite of two exposures, one of the night sky and one of the foreground landscape illuminated by moonlight shortly after moonrise. The actual scale of the foreground is somewhat difficult to appreciate as the dunes rise over 200 feet from the shore of Lake Michigan, dwarfing trees on the dunes and along the shore.