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Dario Giannobile



Location of Photo:

Siracusa Italy

Date/Time of photo:

dic 18 2013 18:00


canon 7d canon 70-200 @ 70 mm, tripod


This sequence describes the moon rising from the sea at the marine nature reserve of Plemmirio - punta mola (known as Pillirina in local dialet) in Siracusa Italy. Even if the rocks in the foreground seems common rocks they are not. This is an old installation from the second world war. They are the rest of an anti-aircraft artillery. This is quite common in this area since we are at about 10 km from the little city of Cassibile where was signed the "cassibile armistice" between the Allies and Italy. For this reason i consider this photo as a perfect mix of history and and "time flowing": the moon still rises and will do again and again indifferent to human fate. best regard Dario Giannobile




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