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Arman Moradi Fard

Location of Photo:

Jöhlingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Date/Time of photo:

16 April 2022 21:46


Nikon D7200 body and Nikon 18-55 mm F/3.5 lens


Transitioning from crimson to alabaster, the full moon’s hue changes from a warm, reddish tint near the horizon to a stark, pure white as it ascends in the sky. Captured over Jöhlingen in Baden-Württemberg, southwest Germany, this multi-exposure photograph from 16 April 2022 illustrates the effect of the Earth’s atmosphere. As the moon rises, atmospheric scattering of shorter blue wavelengths diminishes, and longer red wavelengths dominate, shifting to an even dispersion of light that reflects off the moon’s surface as it reaches its zenith. Each exposure, taken at approximately 3-minute intervals, chronicles the moon’s celestial journey.