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Dr Alan Potts

Location of Photo:

Newport, South Wales, UK

Date/Time of photo:

11th July 2020, 02:23 UTC


90mm Tamron plus x2 TC (180mm at f5) with Nikon D3200 DSLR. Static tripod.


My first view of the comet was early this morning. A real 'wow!' moment when I saw it creeping from behind a cloudbank. Dawn was rapidly transitioning so I quickly set up a tripod and camera and started shooting frames. I could not see the extent of the tail due to a persistent cloud pattern moving just above the comet's head.The image here consists of 12 frames of 0.77s (total exposure 9.2s) at 800 ISO. 180mm f/5 lens. The stack had to be performed (manual aligning) in Gimp due to DSS not finding sufficient stars. But...wow!


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