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Susan J. Cooley; Alex McConahay



Location of Photo:

Los Angeles

Date/Time of photo:

May 7, 2011; 8:30pm.


Canon 300 Rebel Tamron 200/500 Lens Manfrotto 329RCA Mount


The new (maybe minutes old) razor thin moon was shining on the evening of May 6 2011. I saw it set over Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles, CA, from my house balcony, which has a perfect view of the observatory. I put all of my camera gear together that night for the purpose of photographing the moon the following night as it again set over the riffith Park Observatory. the following night, May 7, 2011. After taking a series of pictures on May 7, I sent what I thought to be the best photo to my friend and astrophotographer, Alex McConahay to edit it. What we have sent to you is the final product of our collaberation.


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