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Location of Photo:

Ferrara (Italy)

Date/Time of photo:

24/12/2023 00:00


Konus 200/1000 @950mm (f/4.8), Player One Poseidon-C @-5 °C camera, Qhy168c @-15 °C camera, Sky-Watcher Eq6r Pro mount, SvBony UV/IR-cut filter, SvBony CLS filter, Optolong L_Ultimate filter


NGC 2403 (also known as Caldwell 7) is an intermediate spiral galaxy in the constellation Camelopardalis and it was discovered by William Herschel in 1788. It is an outlying member of the M81 Group, and is approximately 8 million light-years distant. It bears a similarity to M33, being about 50000 light years in diameter and containing numerous star-forming H II regions. The northern spiral arm connects it to the star forming region NGC 2404 that is 940 light-years in diameter, making it one of the largest known H II regions. This H II region represents striking similarity with NGC 604 in M33, both in size and location in galaxy.