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Jon Greif

Location of Photo:

Borrego Springs, CA, USA

Date/Time of photo:

November 6, 2021, at 11:00 PM PDT


34 5-minute exposures with an ASI533MC Pro imaging camera on an AT72EDii refractor, RST-135 mount, ASI290MM Mini guide camera through a 30 mm ASI Mini guidescope, Ekos capture software on a Raspberry Pi 4B computer and processed with Pixinsight 1.8.8 on MacBook Pro.


NGC 281 is a bright H2 (hydrogen/red) emission nebula in the northern constellation of Cassiopeia. NGC 281 is also known as the Pacman Nebula for its resemblance to the video game character. NGC 281 is estimated to lie 9200 light years from us. This was imaged on the 3rd of 3 clear, moonless nights in the Anza Borrega desert 2 weekends ago (the NightFall Star Party).