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Jason Cottle



Location of Photo:

Coyle Field, NJ

Date/Time of photo:

9-5-10 9:30pm est


Image is comprised of 10x480 second 800 iso sub exposures, with a spectrum/TEC modified Canon 350xt, imaging train consisted of primary optics= 80EDF, SV flattener SVFFF7-2, CLS-CCD, guide optics= Orion ST120, mounted side x side on EQ-G, PHD software with DSI camera for autoguiding, the data was dark, flat, and bias frame calibrated using MaximDL, and post processed using PS CS2


This image shows the large area of Hydrogen Alpha emmision nebulosity, somewhat shaped like the North America continent, hence the common name of the Nebula. NGC 7000 is the official designation, and it lies just North of Deneb, the bright "head" star of the constellation Cygnus, it is part of a large area of emmision nebulosity with the commonly called "Pelican" Nebula next to it, The image also shows a nice dense starfield as it and Cygnus lie directly in the middle of the Milkyway's inside (towards Galaxy center)summer band, and the area and star cloud are visible from a dark location, with the unaided eye


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