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Gregg Waldron



Location of Photo:

Jenny Jump State Forest, NJ

Date/Time of photo:

26JUL10, 27JUL10, 21AUG10, 27AUG10, 28AUG10, 30AUG10, & 31AUG10


Telescope: Orion ED80 f/7.5 Refractor with WO FF/FR V.II Mount: Sirius GEM with EQMOD Camera: Hutech Modified Canon XSi Guiding: Orion 8” f/4.9 Newtonian + Orion SSAG with PHD Filters: Astronomik EOS 12nm Clip Filters


NGC 7000, commonly called the North America Nebula, is a huge cloud of ionized gas in the northern Milky Way. This is a false color image in which hydrogen gas is shown as red and oxygen is shown as blue. A synthetic green channel was made by combining the other two colors in order to assemble the final image. Image was processed in Photoshop CS using techniques learned from Steve Cannistra, Ken Crawford, Bob Franke, and J-P Metsavainio. Total exposure time: 18x600s (3 hours total) @ ISO 1600 for Ha + 54x600s (9 hours total) @ ISO 1600 for OIII, 30 darks, 30 bias.


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