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Craig Lent

Location of Photo:

University of Notre Dame

Date/Time of photo:

October 28, 2012-October 28, 2013


Canon 20D DSLR and fixed tripod


The photo shows the sun in the sky over the Golden Dome at the University of Notre Dame, recorded at the same time of day during the course of a year. These forty-one solar images were made through a solar filter at 10:07 AM EST (± 5 sec.) while the camera was kept oriented in the same position on a tripod. The foreground image was first taken from the same camera position without a solar filter near sunset, so the sun was out of view, and combined with the solar images. To my knowledge, this is the first analemma photograph that encircles a terrestrial object. It was necessary to carefully calculate the time of day at which this would work. (See website FAQ for more details)




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