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Location of Photo:

Mayhill NM

Date/Time of photo:

3.00 am


iTelescope T68


Nova V1405 cas is the brightest nova observed since 2013. Nova V1405 cas was shining at about mag 7.4 from shortly after its March 2021 discovery until May 5/6 when it had an outburst that peaked at mag 5.4 around May 11. Shortly after it declined in magnitude back to mag 7.4 and visibly reddened. This shows the outburst at mag 5.4 on May 11 and the decline to 7.4 on May 21. sThis pair of images was captured with the T68 telescope of iTelescope in Mayhill NM using a 120 sec exposure. The open star cluster M52 is to the left of the nova and the Bubble nebula is below.