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Vincenzo Mirabella

Location of Photo:

Ardea (RM) - ITALY

Date/Time of photo:

2023-11-09 - 10:14 U.T.


C925 Edge HD


The image shows the initial phases of the occultation of Venus which occurred on 9 November 2023 and is purely informative, as it is the result of a composition obtained at different times and exposures. I used a Baader IR pass 685nm filter to have more stable images and a Uranus-C(IMX585) camera at direct focus (2350mm) of the C925 Edge HD telescope. I added the color information of a shot taken simultaneously with a TS APO102 refractor and Canon Eos 550D. These elaborations, certainly not suitable for scientific use, have the advantage of making the vision of the event more realistic and natural as if it were observed through the eyepiece of the telescope. The image was taken from Ardea (RM) - Italy.