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Shreya Roy

Location of Photo:

Kolkata, India

Date/Time of photo:

30th August, 2023 at around 8:45pm


Nikon D5600 with 70-300mm lens and digitek tripod..


The 30-31st August Moon was a Blue Moon because it's the second full Moon of this month. This Blue Moon is also special because it's the nearest supermoon of 2023. This means that this year's Blue Moon is also the closest and brightest. The evening began with hazy & cloudy sky. Later it was getting clear after 8pm. Seeing that, I went to our rooftop and captured two different exposures to give the final image some HDR glow. One image was the bright full moon with clouds and another one I took to capture the details of the Moon. I used Snapseed to blend those two images to achieve a captivating HDR glow in the final image.