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Location of Photo:

Lut Desert - Iran

Date/Time of photo:

November 2017


Canon 6D - Lens Canon 16-35mm


The Hunter - Orion - and the Big Bear - Ursa Major - Constellation ::: Photo story could be download from the Google Drive link : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xvX6b8bWifHJUMV3Vr4vtRaivkK_BCtx?usp=sharing ::: and the wonderful Zodiacal Light and colorful Air Glow is visible on the same night in Lut Desert in Winter. Sunlight scattered by interplanetary dust causes the Zodiacal Light. Lut Desert is one of the hottest and darkest areas on earth that stretched from the Alborz mountain range in the North to the Ocean in the South in Eastern Iran. Lut desert national park has many wonders. spectacular wildlife, geo-tourism attractions, well-designed eco-resorts, Marvelous Starry sky, and Adventure recreation activities as well. Winter is coming and desert is calling. It's time to choose an extraordinary and memorable experience. Ps1: Exif is included in the file name. Ps2: Hi-Res files are available.