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Daniel Laszlo



Location of Photo:

Wellington Colorado

Date/Time of photo:

2007 Jan 18 0038 UT


Canon 20D, 17mm lens, f/4, ISO 1600, 20 second exposure, unguided


A portion of Comet McNaught's dust tail is still visible in dark Western skies for the Northern Hemisphere Jan 18 UT. Near Boulder CO, torncomet@yahoo.com reported seeing faint streamers after twilight extending from the Zodiacal Light on Tuesday evening after 0000 UT Jan 17. He attributed the sighting to dust shed by Comet McNaught. I was able to confirm his visual description the following night, and the camera captured a 10 by 15 degree swath of tail after twilight. The tail could be found shortly after Venus set. The brighter portions are not difficult in 10x40 binoculars. An observing site dark enough to show Zodiacal light is recommended. The brightest star in the image is Enif. Delphinus is visible to the lower right. Cheers, Dan Laszlo Newsletter Editor Northern Colorado Astronomical Society Fort Collins CO USA 105 W 40.5 N


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