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Fabrizio Antonucci

Location of Photo:

Pomezia - Italy

Date/Time of photo:

21/31/07 (yyddmm)


Celestron Nexstar 8" Gps Carbon Fiber Zwo Asi224MC Barlow Apo X-cel LX 2x Baader IR Pass 685nm filter


It should be noted, enlarging the image, the very high density of microcraters present on the bottom of these formations. Also characteristic is the famous Davy chain at the bottom left, a row of small aligned craters that unravel from the Davy crater to the northeast, called Davy Chain. Specifically, within the chain between the most formations small, you can see in this photo the Harold crater of 1.43 km in diameter and you can "guess" the Susan crater of only 0.95 km. I hope the image is to your liking.